Hens and Friends Party

Christchurch Hens and Friends

Your journey to plan a hens and friends in Christchurch begins here at Drifter, where we invite you like an old friend to step into a world where celebrations become cherished stories. Nestled in the heart of Christchurch, Drifter offers an array of experiences crafted to ensure your party is truly unforgettable.

Room Types

At Drifter, our room types are as diverse as the stories they host. Choose from luxurious king suites exuding comfort and style, perfect for a retreat after a day of celebration. For those seeking a more communal vibe, our shared dorms offer a lively atmosphere where mates can bunk together and share the excitement of the occasion.

Places and Spaces

Got something special in mind for your hens or friends party? Our customisable spaces await your vision.

Gather together at the Rambler Bar for long meals and fine wines, where laughter flows as freely as the drinks. Start your day with group yoga at the Drifter Leisure Club, finding peace and balance before engaging in the day's merriments. For a bit of friendly rivalry, head to the Revel Room and challenge your mates to a game of pool. Whatever you choose, let the good times roll.

Exploring Christchurch 

With our central location, Drifter provides easy access to the vibrant sights and sounds of Christchurch. Just step outside to explore the city's rich cultural heritage, take a leisurely stroll through the aptly named garden city, or dive into its bustling nightlife. Join us at for a drink at Rambler, before heading to the next bar... and the next, as the night unfolds…

Let's Drift off

Choosing Drifter for your event means diving into an experience that's as relaxing as it is fun. We pride ourselves on crafting unforgettable moments, ensuring your celebration becomes a tale spun with laughter and joy.
Whether you're the DIY type or could use some expert help from our magical event planners, we're here to make your night (or nights!) one to remember.

If you want to book rooms go ahead!
For events, talk to one of our dedicated coordinators about how we can help.

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