Welcome to our house, our home,
a unique hotel hostel,
where you can rest or stay restless
and drift between days and dreams, and nights and lights and lose yourself somewhere in the seams.

Rooms for sharing, rooms for lounging, rooms for sprawling or relaxing.

Linger longer in the comfort of old friends and new and discover the difference that is Drifter.

Leisure? Pleasure?
Maybe both.

At Drifter, we offer more than just a place to sleep. Our doors open to a world where the traditional boundaries of accommodation dissolve, creating a haven for dreamers, explorers.

Each room at Drifter is a blend of comfort and style, designed for those who travel differently.

Whether you're a solo explorer or a group of dreamers, our accommodations cater to your desire for both peace and adventure.

Around every corner, there's a space waiting to be discovered. From quiet nooks to playful places, you'll find just what you're looking for.