Our Story

An experience for the free spirited.

Our story is your story. We may not have met yet but we can’t wait to do so and smile and laugh and sing and talk about different stories and write new ones, in snow and sun, and above all have some fun. We don’t know everything about you but we do know that simply by the fact you have chosen to visit us you are curious, you want to see and feel more than you have seen and felt before and because of that we are excited to drift away together, somewhere, forever.

Each Drifter is not just a place to rest ones head while travelling, but a melting pot of cultural connections where travellers can eat, drink, play, listen to great music, explore art and photography, work when required, exercise if desired and then retire to rest, until waking and finding something new again.

As our Drifters make a short stop on their journey with us we want to ensure that no matter how brief the experience, it is one they will remember for a lifetime and share with others, long after their stay.